500pips – A Trading Platform That Has Something For Everyone

500pips offers various services as a broking platform, and it possibly has everything you can expect and find on any advanced trading platform. It is a CFD and FX broking platform for the record, so whether you want to trade in the stock market, equity, commodity or forex currencies or cryptocurrency, 500pips has it all. Moreover, according to the 500pips review, it has tailored account types to suit all kinds of people, from novices to professional traders.

500pips Account For Novices And Its Features 

Beginners who have the slightest knowledge of the stock market, trading, and investment can take any of the basic or bronze accounts because of the small minimum deposit amount in these account types. The basic pack has a 250dollars minimum deposit amount, while in the bronze account, this is 100dollars. In the former, you get 20% welcome bonus credit, whereas it is 40% in the latter. 

In both these accounts, you will get 24×5 customer support and daily market analysis. Moreover, the packages include daily notification of your asset prices with market review as well. Education centre access will also be available under both packages with access to professional educational seminars. Although in the bronze account, an expert would be available for personal queries and discussion.

Higher The Account Package – Higher The Services And Features 

Under higher packages, you will find more features and services like tight spreads and a personal account manager who will build a tailored trading portfolio for you with a high-profit rate. This account manager service is also divided further into premium or VIP account manager who will keep guiding you at several instances of market events about the changes in the portfolio or buying and selling forecasts etc.

A 500pips account has to be chosen according to your investment budget and the services that you want. If you are short on budget, but you seek expert advice, you have to get it through another way: the education centre. Proper studying of the market and stay updated with the trends can make you a good trading fortune.

Available Payment Modes On 500pips And Their Efficiency 

At 500pips, you can make payments through various modes, including bank transfer, master card, e-wallets. Initially, you would be required to add a bank account to your 500pips account, which is mandatory. Once the bank account is added, you can either make wire transfers with the bank account or add other payment modes and save them for quick future payments.

All payment modes will be secured with two-way encryption and convenient and reliable to make quick payments through the account. Withdrawal of money to a bank account comes at a nominal charge which is generally 3.5% of the amount, but gold account holders get first withdrawal free of charge and more similar offers are available at the various instance to benefit the clients. 500pips review tells that people are satisfied with the platform’s payment methods and verifies that they are reliable, fast, easy and convenient.

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