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Top Tips to Improve Your Pokemon Go Experience

Pokemon Go was released five years ago. It’s generating excitement and curiosity around the world. To catch Pikachu, people are breaking into neighbor’s homes. These tips will help you improve your pokemon go experience. You can also buy pokemon go account for sale if you’re a professional player.

Find Pokemon at the Right Time and Right Place

You can find more pokemon if you are in the right spot. There are more chances of you finding rare Pokemon and quickly leveling up after encounters with rarer pokemon. Different Pokemon can be found at different times.

This means that you should go out at the right time for Pokemon hunting, and not just an hour before. You should also consider where your Pokemon are going, as other players may be going there. You should also consider the weather outside as Pokemon are more active in warmer temperatures.

Select a Team Wisely

You can join any of the three teams to have access and duel at poke-stops or gyms. You can duel your team if they have already taken control of a poke stop. If not, you can crush them. To add prestige to your domain, defend the gym or invite friends to help you.

Go Out with Friends

Your chances of catching rare pokemon or leveling up quicker after encounters are higher if you have more people on your team. Play with your friends to catch Pokemon and cover more territory.

Walking instead of driving

You can use Google Maps and Pokemon Go’s built in tracker to walk to your destination instead of driving or using public transport. Although this is not always safe, it’s safer than driving or taking public transit to get around. This will make it easier to spot Pokemon on the road and make your experience more natural.

Get Your Daily Bonuses

There are three daily bonuses you can get every day, as most Pokemon Go players already know. The incense bonus is the first. It can help you attract additional Pokemon for up to 30 minutes if you use an incense product.

The lucky egg bonus doubles your experience for 30 minutes after activation. The lure module bonus allows you to attract Pokemon to Pokestops for 30 minutes once activated.

It’s a great way for you to exercise and enjoy the outdoors. You can buy a pokemon account online to get a better experience. These tips will help you improve your pokemon go experience.

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